Many companies claim that they can put a union bug on your signs or printing.....BUT......Are they authorized by a union to do so?

 A company MUST be registered with the union to be authorized to print using a BUG.  If a company is reproducing a "BUG" which is not registered to them but another company this is considered fraud by the union.

     Union Signs and Printing is a member of Sign and Display Local # 830 which is an affiliate of the Painters and Allied Trades. We are recognized by the AFL-CIO and the Chicago Federation of Labor.  If in doubt, please feel free to view the Chicago Federation of Labor website where we are listed as a approved union vendor.


     Our commitment to our trade and union goes above and beyond.  Our founder Dave has served as a Instructor in the processes of screen and textile printing using our facilities to serve in the training of union apprentices.